Italian Foods

One of the best thing that you will know in Europe if you came from other continent is the food. It may seem very different than what you taste and expectation. But it is common to know that Europeans loves pasta and pizza. But let us get into some detail and know some of the foods that are of Italy. The ones that you can usually find here and the common ones. You can find many restaurants to experience Italian cuisine when you visit Italy.

There is also the street food vendor that can make fast orders of delicious and very satisfying food. One of the traditional food in Italy is called the ribollita. It is a food that was reboiled from the collected foods that are leftover. It can be composed of vegetables and bread. This was done originally by servants and now it is one of the good food enjoyed.

The arancini have an outer layer of rice made into balls. The balls are filled with ingredients that are also put into pizza and pasta. There are variations in places within Italy.

Prosciutto This food is one of the favorites in Italy. The dry-cured ham is not cooked and they are cut into thin slices. They are served also with pasta or they could be wrapped into sweet melons or the slice of cheese whatever you prefer.

Saltimbocca This food is one of the favored food not just for the residents but also by the visitors. You can enjoy it to your heart’s content.